KnitSanity: An Introduction

Everyone has their problems, everyone has their fears, everyone has their responsibilities. When we have this much to consider on a daily basis, our minds become cluttered and it is difficult to focus on the beauty around us and in the people we value. We all need a way to escape from this chaos sometimes to remember the beauty in living. For me, that escape is found in knitting.

The repetitive motions of knitting provide a release from the clutter. With each stitch, my thoughts are simply focused on the next stitch... garter, purl, knit1, purl1, cable, loop, drop1, knit1, knit1, knit1... Knitting allows me to let go of my thoughts and simply be a human being. And if that isn't a form of meditation, I'm not sure what is. So this is where the inspiration for the title of this knit company began. Knitting is my meditation, meditation is my escape, escaping keeps me sane, knitting is my sanity...

Knitting = Sanity
Knitting Sanity

As a designer, I am always on a journey to perfect my craft as an art rather than a skill. Everything I make and present to you here on this website, represents a step closer to this goal. I am always looking to master and create new techniques or reinvent the old ones. Each knitted item you view pinpoints a time of inspiration and growth as a knit designer, as well as a time of reflection about life and the world. It is the history of growing up, as a designer and as a person.

So, as you can see, knitting for me has become much more than a craft, an old woman's obsession, or a business venture. As I grow in life, my knitting will grow with me, and through my meditations and explorations, I will perfect it as well myself.

I hope you enjoy viewing this inventory; my exploration into the art of knitting.

NOTE: All of the scarves and knitted items on this website are designed and handcrafted by Christina Dinkel. No use of knit machines or any other hired help are used in the creation of this inventory.

Mar 2, 2009

Urban Gardening - New blog on my latest project and some how-to tips on getting started with summer veggies early. There is also a great video about the ultimate urban garden in Pasadena, CA and they give tips on how to garden even without the land space!

Oct 17, 2008

SALE! - Huge sale! Over 20 dollars off on most all items!

Jun 19, 2008

New Host - Hey everyone. Given the recent problems we've had with our hosting, we have promptly switched service to a new provider, with much better guarantees on support and uptime. Our sincere apologies for any inconveniences this has caused.

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